Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rain down on me

Rain down on me
Rain down on me
Here in Your presence I am free
Pour down like rain
Come and touch me again
Lord let Your presence fall on me

Just a song that came to my mind when it rainned...

  • a tall BIG person sat next to me on the bus this morning, she was on the phone the WHOLE time yelling away til I got off the bus in the city! *torturous*
  • I got off work at 3 and was looking forward to getting home, taking a nice warm shower and a long nice nap (a lil deprived of sleep...feeling the immune system slowing down...gahh...) BUT got caught in the rain. Still haven't gone home. Stucked in the library at the moment.
  • guess who I met AGAIN on the bus? yes, the tall BIG person in the bus, AGAIN! thank God she wasn't next to me. She was STILL on the phone...yelling the WHOLE time, AGAIN!
  • everyone around me seems to be on the phone and speaking really loudly! even about their personal stuff! mannn, I don't wanna be hearing about you not liking the person that just confessed his feelings for you or you being pissed at someone and swearing non-stop. what's with all the drama today?
  • my leg muscles are aching! terribly! practically walking around in pain, especially walking up and down stairs/slopes which i do ALOT!
  • back and body aching now. sooooo wanna go home and take a nice long warm shower!
  • sleeeeeepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
I think I'll just walk in the rain. Doesn't seem like it's gonna stop any sooner.



yongmay said...

yeahloh.. why isn't adee and perthy next to each other? :)

eunice said...