Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How’s it going, mate?

Just completed my research proposal after getting feedback from both my supervisor and my research coordinator. I am so excited right now! Why? Because I’ll be officially running my project on Thursday! I like the way my supervisor works, which motivates me to be at the top of things and really just understand the small bits and pieces as well as the big picture of this project. I hope one day, I’d be like her and some student would say the same thing as I did. Haha =p

Been reading heaps on papers related to my research. Will be presenting my research proposal tomorrow. Tho it will not be assessed, I’m actually pretty pumped up about it! (: I think I’m really liking research (well at least for now) (;

Praying that everything else goes well.

Had a lil surprise visit this morning. That made my day! Oh yea, I’m working from home again today…which was good timing cos neither of us planned it but it was great to see you again (: Missing the good ol days!

At this moment, I’m just all smiles! It’s only 2 weeks and 5 days before he comes here! I wish I could have my part of the world back home while being here. Oh well…

Yong May’s coming to aus end of May! Too bad she’ll only be in perth ): Alebeary…you got kekawan come visit you liao (: I really wish Perth and Adelaide was like PD and SJ! Why lah Australia soooo big!

I’m pretty psyched about something at the moment. Which gets me going. Can’t believe how fast time flies tho. It’s already the end of April! I’ve been back here for 3 months!…and I’ll be graduating in 8  months! WOOHOO!!!

Dislike how placements sends everyone everywhere! Missing my close friends here so much! Missing everyone back home even moreeeeeeee!!! big huggiez to all of you (:

It’s getting pretty cold now. Especially with the strong winds and rain! Yes…it’s been raining sooo much! I so need to get a new pair of boots! I’m missing the SUN!

Alrighty, break time’s over. Time to get back to my literature.


Edwin Loh Ern-Wei said...

Hi!Remember me? Edwin Loh...
just to drop by to say Hi

Ale said...

yahhhhhhhhhh. why la aus so bigggg!


huhu! me want shopping too. so long havent shopped already! since that time u guys came! >.<

eunice said...

hey edwin (: yups of course i still remember you (: how've you been? hope all's well with you (:

eunice said...

yalahhh...whyyyyy?? whyyy so bigggg??? gaaahhhh ):

wahh really? haha but me toooo. let's go shopping nowwwww!!! harbour town! hahaha =p