Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ho ho ho

No it’s not Christmas yet. It’s just a cynical gesture of my frustrations. HOHOHO!!

Who would have thought I would be giving talks at a career night the last time and now, another talk to a group of diabetics (for 1.5 hours!!!!!).

Just found out that for tomorrow’s session, only 2 patients have booked in. Normally, they wouldn’t run a session with just 2 patients BUT because this is my last week of community placements and it really is my last chance to give a talk, we will be running it nevertheless. Well, it is comforting for me to know that there will only be 2 (less nerve-wrecking!) *big smiles*

…and who would have thought…

My next placement is not where I have always thought I was going to be!!!!! I’ll spare you the horrible infuriating moments of finding that out TODAY (when my next placement starts next week!!!!!!!!) and just say I still do not know where I’ll be! person in charged is not in today and so I will only know tomorrow. GREAT hey?

Oh well, everything happens for a reason. I will take to strike whatever comes! lalalala (:

I just have this peace within me that’s helping me cope with all this. I guess it’s because a major worry has been cleared. It’s like the ‘sunshine after the rain’ moment (:

My God is so BIG, so Strong and so Mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do, for me! (for some reason that song just came into my mind)

*ps: ale…look at the time posted!!!!! it’s stll happening! more often now tho! hahahaha*

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Ale said...

HAHAHAHA! shupa cuteeeeeeeeeeee LOL. i should wait till 10.18 or 18.10 to post this comment too i suppose? XD