Friday, August 21, 2009

What caffeine can do to you

I love the smell of coffeeeeee! but I never had the habit of drinking it since it keeps me up for days! Having a slice of coffee flavoured biscuit/cake could also do likewise what more a cup of coffee right? The most I’d have is an ice blended mocha occassionally but more often than not, it’s the non-coffee things that I’d go for.

But lately I’ve been starting to enjoy drinking coffee, thanks to my lovely coffee-loving friend. Just recently, I realize how coffee/caffeine doesn’t really have an effect on me anymore (i.e. doesn’t keep me up for days!). But interestingly, I realize something. It pumps my heart up (like literally)…giving me that feeling of anxiousness/nervousness and not long after that, I’d be tired/flat out and just feel really sleepy/lethargic. However, I cannot rule out that THAT is the sole reason for all that. There might be other outlying factors (i.e. lack of sleep for days, stress, real anxiousness/anxiety/nervousness…) and that having coffee was just a coincidental episode!

Oh well, whatever it is, I’m laying off the coffee for a while. Back to just enjoying the lovely aroma of coffeeeeeeeee while I enjoy a cup of hot chocolate instead =p

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