Friday, August 14, 2009


As some of you might know, I never liked reading the news, Just cause there’s so much bad/sad news and the horrible-ness happening around. Though it’s probably very naive of me not to read just because of that. It doesn’t stop it from happening, it just keeps me unaware of those events.

Was checking my mails when I came across the top news of today in my yahoo email tabs which reads:

Girl ‘eating herself to death’

I’m grateful that my pituitary glands are functioning well! Click the title to read on.

The weekend is here again (: Time just flies! Next week will be my last week of my community placement. One more talk and one last presentation at the project meeting on thursday and I’ll be done (well not entirely done, but officially half way through!)

Will update more on that later.

It’s getting warmer now. SPRING is coming! Temperatures are reaching the 20s again now. The sun is lovely with the cool breeze. Loving it!

That’s it for now. Have a lovely weekend peeps! (:


Baldwin said...

eun eun!! =)

jst popping by to say Hi!

eunice said...

win win!! =p's it going?

Ale said...

heyyyyyy spring's here! but not so 20s here yet. but i sad lah. i havent finish wearing my winter clothes yet >.<

eunice said...

lol...not enough of winter aye? i just rmb i had a sweater in my luggage all this while which i never used at all this winter =p

yea have to wear boots at every occasion now before it gets too hot =p