Sunday, August 30, 2009


…to stay awake to finish up work/report/readings!

There is just not enough hours in a day…

…then again, it’s only because of poor time management as most would say. I shall not even try to give my reasoning (though I’d like to claim how VALID it is!)

This week has just been horrible. Feeling like a failure as all the goals I’ve set for each day of the week just seems to not be met. And to top things up, my absent mindedness the past week has just been a result of inconvenience to many others which I am truly SORRY!

Weekend is coming to an end. New week begins with a horrible early start of placement (and even earlier just cause there isn’t a direct bus to get me there early enough) and a long long day ahead as my project for this current placement is to evaluate the portion sizes of each main meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner ~ which means starting from before breakfast is served, up til dinner time!) and in comparison to standard serve size recommendations.

Oh God, grant me STRENGTH to go through yet another busy crazy week.

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yongmay said...

"You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you!"
Phil 4:13

You can do it because Jesus is in you!