Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Woke up this morning feeling different.
Just some odd different feeling.
Of course probably it's the refreshing feeling of having more than enough sleep from the past week of sleeplessness but that wasn't just it.
There was just another different feeling.
Some odd feeling.
An unknown feeling.

Perhaps it's because I've been in and out nursings homes alot in this current placement.
A big salute to those nurses and carers who go in everyday, to care and support each individual elderly resident.
Having to put up with all their different characters and needs.
I guess what impacted me most was when I was in the dementia unit.
But it brings me joy seeing how lil things could cheer them up and how grateful they are to you for just wanting to listen to their stories and sitting down to have a lil chat with them or even serving them at each meal time.
I have been in the nursing homes pretty much the whole day as my project involves all meal times. Hence, the early mornings til late evenings everyday at the homes.

Oh wells, everything will be alright.


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