Friday, August 07, 2009

Weekend bliss

Hoorayyy!!! The weekend is here again! WOohooOoo!!!

I love weekends. Weekends are AWESOME!!!

Going to walk across 3 beaches tomorrow.

It’s getting a lil warmer now. Don’t have to wear tons of clothes in the freezing weather outside. Loving it! (not looking forward to summer tho…spring is goooood! the lavenders are blossoming!)

Things around aren’t goin as well, but the weekend is here! yeayness!! XD

I’m so happy I’m gonna give you all a great big hug!!!


especially to a certain someone up in WA! hehe =p

and to the other person in ss2 (well near ss2) =p

and to the three most important people in my life in our lil cozy home in subang =p

love you peeps!

Have an awesome weekend!

1 comment:

Ale said...

i lubs you. alot! :)