Saturday, August 08, 2009


Morning walks are refreshing. Despite the lack of sleep the night before. Should do this more often! (:

Now I'm gonna be really random.

There are heaps of dogs on the beach! Cute ones, huge ones, active ones, tired ones...just so adorable!

Looking at lil kids spending time with their parents makes me cry! not that it saddens me but it's nice seeing families spending time with each other on a weekend...just chillin, walking, playing etc...however, it's exceptionally sad when the child is brought up by a single parent. Of course it's not for me to judge, but I sure can't imagine growing up with one parent!!

Some things that happen can just blow your mind! What on earth were they thinking?

Sometimes you wonder why things happen...even to the extend of wondering what wrong have you done to deserve it?

It is the WEEKEND. Still the WEEKEND. Enjoying every bit of weekendness!






just ate an orange. sooo sweeeeeeeeeet!!!! niceeeee (:

Feel like going out for a walk! but it's dark and cold tho it's only 6.30pm =p

Actually I feel like having a hot shower now. Maybe I just might do that.

ps: Happy Anniversary mummy and daddy! Love you both heaps!!! *bighuggiewuggiez*

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