Wednesday, September 02, 2009

10 hours

…of sleep today and still feeling tired. I guess my body has just been overworked the past weeks!

The off day has come and gone. Yet another LONG day tomorrow…BUT something to look forward to tho. Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned but I’ve got free opera tickets! Woohoo! It’s funny when this happened:

“What time you reckon we’ll finish on thursday?”

“Not too sure, hopefully not LATE!”

“Yea, I hope it won’t take us tooo long. I’ve got tickets to go watch an opera.”

“Oh cool! What time? Where?”

“It starts at 7.30pm at the Adelaide Festival Center.”

“OMG! are you serious? is she really in ADELAIDE??”

“Err she? who’s the she you referring to?”

“Are you for real? OPRAH is in ADELAIDE?”


Well, obviously she isn’t in adelaide and obviously I’m not going to one of Oprah’s shows (though I’d really like to, at least once in my lifetime!!). Instead, this is what I’ll be goin to.

click here

Woohoo! It’s been a while since I’ve been to a musical/stage-show/concert/opera kind of thing. yeayness!

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