Saturday, September 12, 2009


Been catching up on my sleep lately (: Which is good for the complexion! Seriously…if you don’t get enough sleep, not only would you be walking around looking like a zombie, with dark panda eyes, the pores of your skin somehow enlarges as well! Now that I’ve been having enough sleep (more than enough actually) I’ve noticed the changes! You can lose weight by sleeping enough too (literally)!!

Actually I kinda miss the busyness! Helps take your mind off things really, cause you just don’t have the time to think or worry about anything really! Now that I’ve got a lil extra time, I find myself worrying a whole lot more (unnecessarily)! But, I’ve been blessed, having really great friends around which helps me heaps!

Spring is here! Can finally walk around in just a tee and shorts! (: However, now that the weather is warming up, insects/bugs and sooner, flies…will be buzzing around a whole lot more. NOT looking forward to that!

Exactly 8 days before clinical placements begin! *gulp*

Was just looking at the new Nutrition & Dietetics Program offered by IMU. If only they had courses like that back when I was looking to do a degree in that. What I like about it is that, there actually is a component on sports nutrition! Something I’ve always wanted to learn abit more…and it’s part of the syllabus! How cool is that? And for their placements, they have 20 weeks of clinical placement, 10 weeks of community and 10 weeks of food service!Which i think is awesome! Especially with the 20 weeks of clinical placement and they don’t have to do a rather impossible 10 week research! All that in 4-4 1/2 years. Not toooo bad. I’ve gotta do 5 years of studies to be qualified as a dietitian!!

I want to quickly graduate and start working, but at the same time I don’t want student life to end!

Oh wells, back to writing my report and analysing results from the project and preparing for my presentation next week!

Have a great awesome Sunday tomorrow peeps! (:

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