Monday, September 14, 2009


Yes I am an avid fan of PB. More so of the particular main character who seems to get buff-ier from season to season! *drools*

I still haven’t had time to complete the latest (tho I do have it), which is such a shame. Made it half way and when I want to continue from where I last stopped, I kinda forgotten the juicy bits of everything. Which leads me to want to start from the very beginning. And of course, which at this point of time, I do not have the luxury of enjoying it as time is precious!

Current project is going right. Report is almost done. Presentation is almost ready. Which is good! Gives me some extra time to revise for clinical. *gulps*

As a matter of fact, I have not been watching much tv (tho I have one now-but that immature goofball didn’t pass me the cable!!!) Oh wells, not that I have the urge to follow any series. Have been missing too much anyways.

Lil kids are so adorable…when they’re not yours (or so they say). But this lil cutie drew me a pickher (picture) book. No wonder he was asking me of my favourite animals. Too bad he doesn’t know what a tortoise is =p So there was a dog, bird, chicken…(i kid), shark (just cos he likes it), mouse and a lion. Should have taken a picture of it =p Maybe I will, if it is stil there when I go back there (:

On the other hand, I felt like cooking today (which is very unlikely, esp when just for myself). Surprisingly I cooked, eat, wash up, and cleaned up in an hour! So what did I have for dinner?


…what else? fish and veges (:

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mmmm Yum Yum!!!