Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bad Day

It’s one of the days where unexpected things happens or where everything just goes wrong. One wrong thing leading to another…kinda like the domino effect. Which makes me feel like crap. Not liking this. Grrr… Feel like you’ve given your best but yet it’s not good enough.

Was just saying how I hate goodbyes. This time, it is an unexpected one. Tho it’s only a couple of weeks we’ve known but may your soul rest in peace. It’s gonna be hard not to get ‘attach’ to the people I meet now. Gotta toughen up my heart a lil.

Well, that is that. It’ll be a better day tomorrow. I’ll put in more than I possibly can, for in Christ I can do ALL things!

God, You are  my strength, my peace and my comfort! I am more than grateful for Your faithfulness.

It’s amazing how God just is sooo amazing. I know it’s redundant but seriously, He is AWESOMEly amazing! Was just planning to catch up with a friend I’ve not been catching up with lately, and of all the days, we casually decide to meet up for dinner tonight and it was timely. Thank you God for amazing friends like her that you’ve placed in my life. Tho I’m physically tired now, I feel refreshed talking about Your goodness and mercies in both our lives. Reflecting on all that we’ve gone through which were similar for a reason. 

God has not promised to keep us from life’s storms, but He will keep us through them.

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