Friday, October 30, 2009


What is up with people who just likes to avoid facing the consequences of whatever they should be responsible of?

C’mon! Be a man and own up to it. Or at least give your reason. Or give the other person the chance to reason. What’s up with ignoring/avoiding. Just proves your immaturity. Gahhh!

Blah. Whatever! 


On a totally different note, nahhh I was gonna think through things and reason out the underlying reasons to the unreasonableness but I’ve decided I’ve got better things to be focusing on right now. Be that way. Your lost…not mine.

La di da.

Weather’s been warming up. No signs of spring. Oh well, have a great weekend everyone.



yongmay said...

aww cheer up buddy! at least the weekend is here... :)
I miss you like crazy (borrowed that from the moffats.. hehe)
it's been a while since i last talked to u. We shall catch up soon!

eunice said...

...even more than words can say!!!! (moffatts, '90s)

haha...yea weekend is here! woohoo!! yea it's been a while. sorry i've been sleeping early =p will catch up with you soon. *bighuggiez*