Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Brain power

Apart from ‘brain foods’ that improves memory and boosts brain function, physical activity does too!

“Physical activity bathes neural tissue in oxygen-rich blood, increasing the production of chemicals that improve memory, attention, and problem-solving.”

“When sedentary adults in one study jogged for half an hour 2 or 3 times a week for 12 weeks, their memory and ability to juggle tasks improved by 30 percent.”

Time to incorporate some long overdue exercise into my daily routine. Need all means to increase my memory power! (:

Click here to read further with 7 ways to boost your brain!

My highlights of the article:

# 1: Take a nature walk
Studying in Adelaide makes this a plus. Especially at Flinders since it’s far away from everything else =p Yeay to the gulley near the village I’m at since natural settings have restful effect which allows brain to better process information.

# 3: Add in speed
A 2007 study found that exercisers who did two 3-minute sprints memorized new words 20 percent faster afterward than those who skipped the workout. I shall be sprinting off to work tomorrow morning (: Grow hippocampus, GROW!(A small hippocampus may be to blame for forgetting appointments or names…LOL!).

# 4: Challenge your balance
Toning your muscles = Toning your brain. I wonder if all body builders generally have higher IQs/better memory etc…Get the 4 mind-sharpening moves from here (if you haven’t already clicked to the next page of the article).

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