Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Just when…

…you look forward to a nice cozy relaxing time after a crazy busy hectic day at work, you come home to find out your hsemate decided to throw a ‘lil hse party’. Prior notifications would have been greatly appreciated!

…you finally, out of all other days actually planned what you wanted to eat/cook for dinner but couldn’t just cos there are heaps of unwanted ppl in that ‘lil hse party’.

BUT thankfully, some actually did some hse work and the hse is tidier than before…well at least a lil,better than nothing so I can’t complain.

Maybe I’ll just take a nap since I’m stucked in my room now. Rather than being annoyed, I’ll take this as an opportunity to snooze a lil. But before that, people in the office are getting sick! Gotta boost my immune system (: The other supervisor is back. She’s a lil more intimidating than the other but I’ll get there. Everything will be alright (:

Aitez, time to take a nap! la la land here I come!

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