Saturday, October 24, 2009


It’s the time of the year. Where Y-E and P-G syndrome kicks in.

Diagnosis: Y-E + P-G syndrome

Symptoms: anxiety, confusion, LOA (not the usual lack of attention but more in terms of lack of appetite) couple with LOW (loss of weight) or excess weight gain (extreme of both ends is possible), headache, pain, discouragement, depression, disheartenment, twitchy eyes… [symptoms are independent of each individual]

Side effects: loss of trust in every matter (work, studies, social, emotional, spiritual…

Treatment: NKT (nil-known-treatment). However, it is evidently shown that this syndrome could be avoided/treated by eliminating individual symptoms. It is known to be of greater success if this condition has not reached the verge of evident side effects as treatment to that is only by divine intervention.

Relationships of all kinds appears to be extremely superficial. When situations and conditions come your way, the last ones standing are those who truly are real. So sick and tired of superficiality treatments on the surface. The more you give in/out, the more disappointment kicks in. And what you get out of that? Distrust! How real are you? Did you ever think of how it’d affect others by tapping their still waters? Is there any innocence of genuine-ness out there? Why is it that the true real people in your life just ends up off tangents and there you are stucked with all the superficial friendships. *deep sigh*

Thank God for His faithfulness. For faithful friends who stands by no matter the circumstances. Thank God for His refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

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