Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is how long I’ve not been shopping or reading/watching fashion tv etc

So apparently those comfy flat bendable flats are called pumps.

And I learnt it from a guy! Not that he was into pumps but his gf was =p Funny how when we were walking back to church I bump into the same girl friends and he was like, ah there…she was wearing pumps! Well excuse me but the first thing I look at is not what shoes she was wearing!Imagine, walking down and seeing your friend and noticing that the first thing she look at is your feet! Perhaps he did it from afar, and that’s the thing…I could hardly even tell a person’s face from a far let alone what kinda shoes they were wearing! Guess I need to wear my specs out more often now!


I need to go shopping. Well, at least do some window shopping but I just haven’t got the time since shops are closed once work is over. Oh wells…that can wait. Who cares about what pumps are when all I’m focusing now is to get through this final placement!

Talk about feed pumps and calculations for the amount of feeds per hour for patients needing enteral feeding, what to do if they are of great risk of refeeding syndrome and what not then you have spoken to the right person =p But as for now, pumps or *whatever other fashion terms you can fill in here which I can’t cos I wouldn’t have known and if I know it would be nothing like pumps, more like a bolero or leggings or even more common like a cardigan! haha*

Pardon my SSness. Aite, time to shut down. zzZZZzzzz

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