Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cool Chill Out Day

Despite the crazy oven-like day on Thursday this week, the weather has cooled down today. It rained yesterday, and today was just such a lovely day. Lunch by the beach, fresh cool breeze of the sea, sails out at sea, people kayaking/canoe-ing, a lil window shopping. Ah, it was just such a lovely day. Hoping this cooler weather lingers on a lil longer.

I know I’ve been looking forward to end of this week when I can finally move out! And especially finishing with placement and finally graduating! Feels like it’s all happening to quick. Two years in good ol Adelaide and student life is coming to an end! Can you believe it? I still remember the time I was preparing to come over. Feels like not too long ago when I first came. And here I am, almost 2 years later.

Plus, Christmas is just round the corner! Can you feel it? Gonna be missing Christmas back home this year.

Oh wee-oo-wee, oh wee-oo-wee…

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