Friday, November 20, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

I love the smell of rain. Back home, you can smell the rain coming. However, as much as I love the smell of rain, I find the rain smells different here. Not sure what exactly makes the rain smell the way it does over here though.

It sure is nice to have some rain, especially after the hottest day ever in history yesterday!

Can’t believe how fast time flies (yes the most common phrase ever in my entire posts this year)! But seriously, 2009 is almost coming to an end. Christmas is nearing. Summer is coming HERE!Starting to feel a the mixed emotions right about now. The time where everything is about to come to an end, goodbye student life, hello working world!

On a total different note, one wonders what…now I forgotten what it was I was gonna talk about. Gee, just a dozed off for a bit and I’m blank. But I can still remember what I was dreaming – moving out to…no where! Haha…felt a lil homeless for a bit there =p

Right, time to shower and get some sleep. The packing can wait. The case study can wait til tmr. The rest cannot wait. Aitez I better get going before I continue blabbering on some gibberish nonsense =p

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