Thursday, November 19, 2009


It’s burning at the high of 43 today! Highest temperature ever in the history of the November “spring” weather.

Tho a bright sunny burning unbearable hot day, I am happy. So so happy. Happy to know that I serve an AWESOME GOD. Happy to know that He is real. Happy to know that His plans are for me and never against me. Happy that things are falling into place. Happy that things are beginning to unfold itself. Happy that I’d be out of this lovely nice cozy  pigsty-like place in about a week! Happy for His blessings and favour. Happy for the very breath I have that signifies life. Happy for the chirpy birds singing melodiously outside. Happy for the people He has specifically placed roundabout me. Happy for the family that I have. Happy for the miraculous wonders of His work in my life, that I can still walk, run, jump, skip, hop etc. Happy.



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