Friday, April 23, 2004


Yea, too many things running through my head again and I just don't know what else to be thinking about. Blank would perfectly fit the description for now. Listening to some nice classical music. Aahhh...the sound of ringing tones of lil wooden blocks pecking onto strings bringing out that perfect lovely sound of the piano. Such an awesome instrument it always brings me to wonder how someone could invent such instrument and not only that how some great musicians are just so perfectly intriguing!! Lovely tune that pleases my ears. Niceeee!! Well of course with accompaniment of other instruments into that very smooth jazzy feel makes my day!! Gives me time to side track from the busy buzz of the city and just to sit back and relax right here right now! A place of live senario of music would definitely be my place of solace. If only the world of music was much appreciated by every human being.

Just so in the mood of the music I feel like dancing to the beat of singing to that tune. But better not before I ruin everything. The sound of the violins playing Chopin's Nocturne now is simply awestrucking. If only I was born in the earlier years to witness every single moment Chopin plays or for any other famous musician for that matters. Aahh...such lovely thing. I just could go on and on about this pleasant sweet music to my ears. Makes me wish that I could just be apart of it for one day and I'm sure it'll definitely blow my world away!! If only I could just keep on dreaming and stay in my fantasy world forever. But live still goes on.

Oh well, I better be waking up for good. No more time to daze and dream anymore. Haha...gotta start setting goals and striving for the best!! Reminding myself of my dear brother's wise advice: "We only have once chance to do things and we shouldn't blow it off but always doing our best and with God's help we will succeed!!!" Well that wasn't his exact words but my own rendition of my understanding of his words. He even gave me a personification of it. "We only have one piece of white paper for university. So don't mess up and cherish it!" Sigh my dear I miss him dearly!!!! He's been so busy these days I hardly have the chance to talk to him anymore. Aaghhh...can't wait for him to come back in July...hopefully!!

Sigh, this long holidays of mine are going to be over. And the dreams of staying with my dear cuzzie and studying in the same coll shattered when we found out we'll be in different campuses which is quite a distance. We were really all geared up and excited and even planning our lives thinking it'll be as what we have thought. Sadly nothing seems to be like it anymore. As dissapointing as it seems guess will just have to believe there's some reason for this to happened. Although I'm not able to see that clear picture of what is instored for us now but God is in full control and He knows best! Whatever the reason maybe I'm counting on God on this. Hope all goes well for my cuzzie and that she'll be able to find a suitable place to stay near her campus and adapting to this new environment and experiencing this new challenge!! Well on the bright side, we won't be easily distracted by each other and we both can learn to be more independent (the harder way of course). I'm sure it'll all go well. So Ale, if you're reading...God is always with you to help and to guide you in each step you take!! Never know somethings might come up and we might end up staying together sometime in our years of studies here. At least we're much closer to each other now. And don't worry I'll make an effort to see u everyday!! Even if you don't want to hahahaha!!!!!!

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