Saturday, April 24, 2004


Was watching the pianist for the second time and my oh my the way they torture and ridicule the word : GRUSOME!!! Holding the remote control in my hand, I was just switching channels to give my finger some exercize haha...oh well, then i came across the pianist. Was waiting right on for the part towards the end where he was caught by some german officer who then wanted him to prove himself as a pianist that he claims to be. Sigh, if only my fingers could work as fast and good as his eventhough stricken by coldness and hunger for God knows how long!!

Right now wondering how the interview for the star education fund thingy will go. What sort of questions would they ask? Do they actually need to have an interview for candidates who want scholarship? Haha...maybe I should ask them what's the purpose of having interviews. I mean...if candidates would get the scholarship no matter how they performed in the interview then what's the point? Not saying that that's the case...but just wondering. Or even if the interview was to determined the chances of getting the scholarship...what gives? Why simply raise up people's hopes just to shut them off in the end? Well, just wondering. Even getting our license for instance. The government is aware of the increasing rate of road accidents and yet what is done? Campaigns for the society's awareness or tightening laws like changing the eligable age to get a driving license to 21. But have they ever wondered what else might be the problem? A 5 letter B word. B-R-I-B-E!! Haha...and yet nothing is done about that. So there is a possibility that road accidents occur due some irresponsible human beings who just want some xtra money in their pockets to go on gallivanting so they give out license to those who gives them that benefit. So it's likely that for every bribe they take, they take a live along with them. Haha but obviously no research nor statistics have been done or whatsoever lah. Might not even be a revelant point there. Haha...but this is only some of the things that go through my head and I'm just putting some of it into words here. No crime in that aight?

Geez, sometimes I find myself thinking too much while on the other hand i can go on gazing into the emptiness of the nothingness (even the word doesn't exist) So yea...brain's are slowly entering the nothingness mode. Imagine, entering something that doesn't even exist. Gawd...hahahaaha....

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