Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Oh, what a day!!

Yea, a not-so-good-day today. Firstly, i was really tired and sleepy after yesterday's last driving lesson. But stayed up to watch some tv til i fell asleep. I guess i only slept for about half an hour and after that i'm already wide awake in bed. Tossing and turning trying to get some rest before getting up at 5:30 in the MORNING for my driving test. After much tossing and turnings, I still can't seem to fall asleep. And then my area had to BLACKOUT! Sigh, on average I think this happens to my area (only MY area) bout 4-5 times a year. So the heat distrubted my peaceful sleep as it was soo quiet I could hear my self breathe, dogs barking, cars passing by, sound of the tires screeaching. Gosh how horrible can this be. Then, about 4 something the electricity FINALLY came back. It was such a relief and i tried sleeping but results were still the same. No progress...still wide awake. What difference would it make? I'll probably have to wake up in an hour an a half anywayz. But just as i was about to fall asleep...*POP* haha...yea no CURRENT again!!!! Sigh...what is the devil trying to pull huh??

Well the horror didn't just end there. There was more to come. I guess the devil just won't wanna leave me alone but I thank God for His strength that despite the lack of sleep, I was pretty much awake while waiting for my turn for the driving test. "ENAM PULUH TIGA!!!" As soon as I heard that number, I was still for a moment. Many things came flashing in my mind and it took me some time before I realize that I have to GET MY BUTT OFF THE CHAIR and GET IN THE CAR!!! So without more hessitateness (what kinda word is that?) I drag my feet to the car. When I entered the car I just didn't feel right. Everything just feel "one kind". So anywayz "SELAMAT PAGI" was what i greeted that jpj guy and i was sure it was loud enough that he could hear and yet no reply. "Fine, whatever" I thought to myself. Said my prayers and started doing all the 5 things i was supposed to do. Stepped the clutch and accelerator and just felt awkward and alienated in that car. It's like I couldn't drive or something. So I said my prayers and off we went. The journey started. Reached the junction, made a full stop, put my right signal, engaged gear 1, stepped the accelerator, slowly releasing my clutch and sigh just not used to the steering wheel of that new model kancil. Lost control of the streering wheel, went into the other lane and not long after that i heard a voice saying "BERHENTI DI TEPI SANA". Bla bla bla he said his stuffs and all and yea I failed my road test. Right away. Sigh. I haven't even went on the "road" yet. I was still in the institute. Sigh...such a dissapointment. But oh well, I'll just have to do it perfectly right the next time. Oh God I pray that i get back that old kancil. Just so used to it already now. PLEASE God I beg You=).

With much humiliation, I got off the car and waited for the other test. Slope, parking n 3 point turn. Thankfully I did well for that. Praise God!! Something weird happened though after i came out of the car (it was the old model kancil..woohoo), I went to that pondok where I was supposed to collect my driving license and ic...walking to it (mind me I was walking rather slow...hey my legs were shiverring ok what do u expect?) the guy over there was like..."fai ti fai ti" and he was a malay. So it sounded very funny. Ok fine, I walked faster. When I reached that place the guy there was like blabbering some stuffs to himself (cos i wasn't listening haha) and I only took notice of what he's saying when I heard "you sudah kahwin ke?" I was like...???????? "WHAT??? U TELLING ME I'M LOOKING VERY OLD???????" ARrggghhhh...asking me if I'm married anot? What kinda question is that? You were holding my ic...couldn't you see my ic number???? born in 85 wey...EIGHTY FIVE!!! ARRgghhh!!! Is he blind or what???? Hahaha...come to think of it, it was kinda funny..."you sudah kahwin ke?" Haha... yea so that's the end of the whole driving test dilemma.

Funny thing is, all the students under my instructor failed. Well except for one guy...but he "pao" wan. Haha I finally remembered was was that term in cantonese he was saying the other day. "PAO" HAHA funny lah. One girl failed both the road and slope all eventhough she "pao"-ed. Pitty her lah. She was crying so badly. Then the other guy also failed the road test but passed the slope n all. in conclusion, my instructor isn't good at teaching people how to drive on the road!! But he's still the best lah. Funny and nice though yet weird sometimes.

Okayz, should be stopping right about..................NOW!! :-Þ

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