Wednesday, April 28, 2004

boo hoo hoo!!!

Yea...I failed my driving test AGAIN!!! Sigh...but thank God for such understanding and supportive parents=) Wouldn't exchange them for anyone else in the world...although there may be some differences at times ;-) No man's perfect. But oh well, I just gotta do better the next time. Hopefully I pass for good the next time hehe=) Although it wasn't such a successful day, today's driving experience was much relaxed and fun. The examiner was kinda funny.

As I entered the car, I greeted the examiner and this time there was a reply. This guy basically talked to me the whole time haha...As I was ready and about to start the journey...but to such horror, the engine died. OH NOOOOO!!! Took me some time to register that the engine is dead and I need to turn the ignition again. Then the guy was like "aiyo eunice...kenapa macam ni? sudah ambil ujian berapa kali ni?" The way he pronounces my name...quite funny though haha!! And his voice...rather amusing hehe...not to be bad but just being plain honest!! Alright alright...his voice was...just...UNIQUE!!! criticism:-Þ Then I was wonder it died. I forgot to put down the hand brake...sighh. I guess he was kinda annoyed by my slow-ness..."apa pasal ni eunice, start enjin ler...tunggu apa lagi?" Ok Ok I started and everything went on smoothly...he kept talking and asking so many questions. He was speaking in bm of course but it's been years since I've spoken that language haha. I just couldn't get some of the words when answering him so yea it was like a pause after each of his questions before I answered him. I sounded like some pure chinese ed girl. Even my english wasn't grammatically right haha. Practically speaking in all languages at onces. The journey continued and not before long...I've reached my worse nightmare -- the roundabout!! The actual route was changed and I never gone that way before so it was kinda scary figuring out what's ahead...traffic lights? more ROUNDABOUTS? My problem is with roundabouts. I'll always end up driving into wrong lanes or switching lanes DANGEROUSLY (according to him). So there...didn't manage to get enough marks to F-A-I-L haha!! I kinda find each driving experience a funny experience though but hey enough of that...I need to PASS!!! Hopefully the next time will be my LAST time!!!

Looks like there would be more things to pack and to bring over as the apartment is soooooo bare...basically nothing at all. Sound waves are basically bouncing all over the place when u speak. ECHO ECHO echo echo ECHO ECHO... Haha... reminds me of that animated movie finding nemo!! Couldn't stop laughing thinking of that movie=) I even tried telling the storyline to a friend but it was jumbled up all over the place haha...guess I should brush up on my story telling skills! Talking bout story tellings, my lil cuzzie had the opportunity to experience some serious BORING bedtime story by me. But I was practically half asleep while telling it to her. Imagine the nonsense I was talking...telling her to quickly go to bed before the monster comes out and get her? Remembered her telling me how boring my story was. Haha...the minds of half asleep people. And to think of what other nonsense I told her...haha...just hope she doesn't remember any of what I said. I guess lil children are naturally better story tellers compared to me haha :-Þ

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