Thursday, April 29, 2004


Feeling a lil cranky and whacked out haha...actually annoyed at the same time trying not right now -- whackannoyed. Hahaha...hhhmmm I actually find peace in blabberring my thoughts stuffs onwards are actually of total nonsense -- gibberish mode switched on. Haha...which reminds me of some chinese sitcom...where a guy goes on crapping and notices that the person he's speaking to is not interested in whatever he's saying but yet he still is as stubborn headed to make his point clear so he said " don't like what i'm talking? take it as if i'm farting...pooot pooot poooooooooooot!!" haha that was in direct translation so pardon the grammar.

Right now listening to diana krall...haha...nice and relaxing...I'll probably speak some sense in such mitigation. Hmmm yesterday had some a ride on the motorcycle...haha...and it was at the wind blowing against me felt really cooling...much much cooler than the cinema we were in earlier! It was funny at first when the bike gave some minor problems. But it wasn't really any problem. Just some lil mistake my friend did. Which is to turn the ignition first!

Yikes...I hear the sound of thunder...gotta runnnnnnnn! Off me go!!

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