Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Feeling the adrenaline rush through my brains right this moment...heart beating as fast as some xtreme techno beat...aaahhhhhhhh freaking out!!! Flashes of my past experience of the test...ggrrrr...don't even wanna get near there! Hopefully I'll pass this time or at least get to drive on the ROAD!!!! But actually praying that I'll PASS and get my license!!! Orientation's starting next week so it'll all perfectly fit the time if I pass tomorrow.

On the previous day, parents finally got to take a good look at the apartment i'll be staying in. To my mum's horror, it was revolting. The whole environment was pretty much a disaster. It seems my housemate's bf is staying there even when she's not around. Besides that...he smokes. Pants and shirts were all around the place...haha but the funny thing is, you know how when u just take of your pants and leave it on the floor...that sorta shape right? It was exactly at it was...and the pants was lying there in the middle of the living room. Haha...spotted eggs on the kitchen floor and whole place was just rather grubby and disorganized. So mum decided for me not to stay there and we managed to find a better place in time, although we would be renting the whole apartment. Yea Ale...we're in the same shoes. So much for staying together and now we both end up in the same dilemma...we gotta start looking for housemates and develop more leg muscles from the good walking exercize to the campus everyday. (Imagine walking to each others' place...haha!!)

Oh God I hope I pass my driving test tomorrow. Gaahh, I better stop worrying to much. After all, worrying is like a rocking chair...just gives us something to do but gets us no where!! Haha easier said than done though:-Þ

Gonna be a busy week til I finally settle down in the new place. Well hopefully I can stop myself from thinking too much and get some proper rest before the big day tomorrow.

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