Saturday, May 08, 2004


My computer crashed and is still under repair. Goodness...there's so much to catch up. This page has been left alone for more than a week! new record of not onlining everyday has been made possible by the bug or whatsoever that's giving problems to my com. Anyways, over the last weekend I had an enjoyable time with my cuzzies up in Camerons. It's definitely an unforgetable moment. It is my first time that I didn't need plastic bags to contain what usually comes out during the journey. Haha...that being said, I recall the last time I went up to Camerons with my church friends. We were in a van and my friend and I were sitting in the back seat which contributes more to my dizziness. Half way through the journey, I couldn't take it anymore and everything came out!! EVERYTHING!! My poor friend who sat beside me had the honours of holding the bag filled with my barf. Gross you may think. Wait till you hear what I had before the journey. I took a garlic pill earlier that morning and right before the winding journey, I drank grape juice. you wouldn't wanna picture it right?

Ok enough of that. It was certainly a great camp. Thanks Ale for inviting me=) Being up there on the hilly sides...truly peaceful and refreshing. Right now picturing the nice green surroundings, fresh cool clean air...aaahhhhh.....niceeeee!!! If only kl was like that too...haha! Anyways...the camp, one word sums it up...AWESOME!! Speaker's great too! I was told he came from SABOH (right ale?) but actually I heard wrongly...he's from singapore. Really funny guy. He's a singh but speaks fluent hokkien!! Then there was an interpreter. Although the speaker and interpreter do not know each other...they certainly did get a long well allowing the word of God to flow smoothly. It was kinda funny though at times when the speaker has something to say and does a certain type of action...the interpreter follows exactly. Even the tone of the voice. Remembering that just brings some smiles=)

The last day of camp marks the last day of my 5 months holiday. Yap...orientation started on wednesday...classes will commence on monday. Got my timetable already. Okaylah...not too bad. Kinda like earliest class starts at 10am and some only in the afternoon. Looks like I'll be walking under the hot sun. Might get a lil tan...or just redder? Haha...we'll see!

Finally shifted the rest of the stuffs over to my new place. Now there's my bed, cupboard, dining table, gas stove, kitchen stuffs, tv, radio...basically enough at the moment lah=) Not so much echoes anymore=)
Just waiting for a telephone line and my laptop. Then I'll get back to posting more consistently again...I hope;-) Remembering the other day when we had to clean up the whole place. Washing the toilet and kitchen area, wiping the windows and the most fun part was washing the floor. We practically wet the whole place and poured some was almost like a bubble bath haha...Kitchen tiles were kinda slippery and dad almost slipped but instead he started dancing...serious!! If only that was caught on tape=)...Will be moving in there on sunday night...I think=) Will be all alone there...sobs...kinda scary. The other day when we were cleaning up the place in the afternoon...I heard some endless chantings. Hope they don't do that everyday!! But anyways, I brought my radio and a bunch of cds already. Hopefully the sound of my radio will drown the chantings=) Too bad my computer crashed. Have loads of mp3s in it.

Oh yea...just got a call from the star education fund ppl the other day and guess what?? YEAA...Thank God for His blessings of this scholarship=) Woohoo!! At least it'll help ease some of my parents loads=) Hopefully I'll pass my driving test!! Haha...wouldn't wanna waste more money paying for the test just to fail. I pray that this will be the last time I ever step into the institute to take the test. Haha...seems like a routine goin there every wednesday.

Goodness...I think this is really long. I better not bore any of u anymore. Will try to post some other stuffs here soon.

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