Monday, April 26, 2004


Mummy's back homeeeee! Yeayyy!!! Missed her sooo much. She just got back from some meeting in kuala terrenganu. I guess I'm all in the mood of missing people right now...especially my dearest koko! Haha...haven't been calling or rather shouting KO in the house for years...ever since he left...sob sob...this house is getting way to quiet without him around. No one singing at the top of his one to duet with on the one to fight with for the tv or one to joke around or talk stuffs just between one to blame when something's not done at home secrets to share bout...secrety stuffs...sigh...really looking forward to July now. Counting down each day til the day he comes home!!! I guess it's true that sometimes we only realize how much a person means to us when they're not around us anymore. Unfortunately for some, it may be too late when they finally, cherrish your loved ones and for all the people around you for that matter. Never be afraid to express your feelings...cos you never know, you might get it back in return. Even if not, at least you know you didn't loose your chance thinking of the possibilities.

Hhmmm...I wonder how I'd sidetracked to that...anywayz, I've gotta start focusing. Haha I tell myself that everyday...never seems to work yet...YET!!! But for now, I'm already picturing my bed...time to sleeeeepzzzzZZZzzz.........

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