Monday, April 19, 2004


Haha... looks like it's rainning now. Hope it doesn't tmr though. It's a goodthing lessons were postponed to tomorrow i guess. Today is really a day to celebrate!! Well not for sure yet, but still something worth jumping up and down for. Just got a call from the Star Education Fund ppl, and yesssssss I've got it=) Not exactly gotten it yet though, I mean will still need to go for an interview first on the 30th April. Woohoo...something that doesn't happen everyday infact never in my life:-Þ truly excited. The guy that called said there is a high chance of me getting the scholarship=) Although I'll be getting the partial scholarship cos there is only 1 full scholarship, 4 partials and 1 award. The guy said the full scholarship will be given to a more "needy" candidate...oh well...partial is better than nothing. Just couldn't be more happier. Thank God for such blessing!!!!! You're an AWESOME GOD!!!!! woohooo....yippieeeeee yeayyyyyyy=)

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