Tuesday, April 20, 2004

It's tomorrowwww!!!

Yes, indeed the awaited moment...haha...my driving test!!!AARRGGHHH...scary!! Had my last lesson today. Overall it was okay lah. Didn't make any mistakes or watsoever. Hopefully the same for tomorrow=) Was asked if i wanna give some coffee money. At first I didn't really get what my instructor meant. He said it in cantonese...don't exactly remember how it sounded aedi though haha... but yea of course NOT lah!! Haha...then he told me that it would not be definite that i pass tomorrow. Gaahhh...whatever lah...gotta pray that i get a good examiner=)

Oh dear God, please give me a good instructor and please help me in my driving tomorrow. Whenever i loose control of the car or panic or whatsoever, You Lord, be in control of the car and help me Lord. Grant me a save and smooth journey tomorrow and that I'll do well in the test tomorrow and also that i won't have to retake the test again. In the name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!!!

Yea I feel kinda relieved after that prayer=) Oh God You please be with me yah!! Hehe...I know HE will...ALWAYS!!!!

Well, today I will have to try to sleep much earlier. Can't be online til early morning anymore. Instructor's coming to fetch my at 6 tomorrow. Yeaa...6 in the MORNING!!! Goodnesssss!! But anywayz, will have to get used to sleeping earlier and waking up earlier as well. It's time to wake up to see the MORNING from now onwards. Classes starting soon. Feeling excited but at the same time kinda lazy and dreadful haha. Okay...scrubs starting aedi. So...THE END!! HAHA:-Þ

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