Saturday, May 22, 2004

...and another week goes by...

Time really flies...but I guess it's all in the law of relativity. Anyways...I sure do miss home...well especially the ppl that makes home, HOME. Sadly, it's not totally complete yet. Sigh, I'm all in the state of missing everyone I love again. If only the world was smaller. If only they hadn't gone abroad. If only I could spend just a few moments or even seconds with them right now. If only all the ifs were possibly become reality. If only...Geez, I've got plenty of thoughts running through my head right now. Wanna let it all out but just don't know where and how to begin. Not listening to any music kinda bothers me. All I can hear now is the sound of the air-con and fan. Right now sitting in my room. Looking around noticing the changes in it. Some things missing, some things added...but mostly missing. However, it's still my lovely room that I miss so dearly.

Slowly settling down in the new place. Still distracted by those chantings I hear nearby. Doesn't really bother me when I'm engross watching some shows or enjoying some music however, the tinkling sounds of what sounds like a triangle to me at every end of their sentence of chants(I presume)kinda annoys me. It's like about every 10 secs. *ting*. So about 6 times every minute which means about 360 an hour and their chants usually last for hours. Imagine that!
ollay chang ngi bla bla bla bla *ting* bljw couihyw vnoe coiyw ncoia *ting* loasi vois couaw onwe *ting* wonf oiahw boue ougha *ting* and it goes on and on for hours... Hopefully my ears get immune to it soon(if ever possible)!!

Took the shuttle bus for the first time to the new campus the other day. Didn't know we were supposed to buy coupons from inside the campus. All I was told was whenever u hop in the bus, just pay rm1. As I was lining up, I noticed everyone else holding a small green piece of paper. Anywayz, cut the boring story short, hopped into the bus and it was the beginning of an experience never to be forgotten. It was like sardines cramped in an oily tin. It was already full and yet he allowed more ppl to come in. Can't blame him though...there's only 1 bus so if u miss that slot...GONE...definitely LATE or totally miss the class de. If I were one those last ones I'd be greatful if he stopped and let me in=) Anywayz...the bus driver was horrible. While he was driving, his phone rang and he actually STOPPED. So it was like a sudden brake. Then inersia takes place. Then the domino effect takes place as well. Worse thing is, the bus didn't had those handles for those who are standing to hold on to. So everyone was practically leaning on each other. Eeewww....summore mostly sweating haha...the guy standing next to me held his hand up high and his armpits were merely right in my face. Aarrghhh...trying as hard not to breath as much as I can. Wished I was having a bad flu at that time:-P Upon reaching the new campus, there's kinda like a steep slope to the main block. This bus driver is either inexperience or got his kopi license or something...on the slope the engine died quite a number of times and he failed quite a number of times as well to restart and smoothly continue the journey. If I were one of those vehicles behind this bus...I'll make sure I'll keep a 5 meter distance at least to make up for his sudden stops and all. Wish I never have to take the bus again but that's my only means of transport to the new campus. Hopefully the next time I get a place to sit. Probably wouldn't be that bad then=)

Kay lah...enough for will be driving to church tmr!! Haha...let's see how it goes...hopefully i survive from not hitting or knocking down or banging anything lah haha:-P

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