Monday, May 17, 2004

Gonna be missing home=(

Weekend's over...going back to cheras. Hopefully I find a housemate's kinda lonely staying alone. Might end up mopping the floor more:-Þ Will be bringing my computer over soon. Need to make sure some annoying virus is cleared for sure cos it's seems to be coming back after each time it's "cleared". Wonder why it likes my com so much. Sigh.

Service was great today. The songleader was into a hymnal mood. but it was great=) Was listening to a hokkien christian cd which was playing in mum's car. The tune is constantly playing in my head. Listening to those songs reminded me of that time I was in Penang with my cuzzie and my uncle brought us to the hokkien service. Majority of the people there were old yet still excited and energetic in praising God. Can't stop remembering one old man who happens to remind me of my late grandpa. The way he moved and worship God was kinda adorable. Seeing all of them happily worshiping God is just such a wonderful moment. They have very simple and strong faith in God for their everyday life. Can't help but to remember this guy who was giving his testimony about his constipation problem and he had to describe it in specific details!! Imagine that! But it's really touching to hear some of their testimonies. Certainly would wanna attend the hokkien service when I go to Penang again=) Talking bout Penang makes me miss my dearest cute lil cuzzie=)

Went over to Klang today. Dad wanted to take his shoes that he left in my uncle's house and I needed some help from my uncle to sign some documents. Ate yummy crabsss!! MmmmMMmm...*slurps* Uncle just came back from Taiping few days we had yummy jambu from Tapah!! Yeayyyy....*drools* After dinner went back to my unc's place for a while. Played the mini version of foosball. Of course I lost haha...wasn't fast enough:-Þ But it was fun. Dad also played!! It was kinda funny cos his hands are like big so it's kinda hard for him but despite that, he won. If only I had a video cam then I could capture every moment of it. The whole session of the game was really funny. Losing words to describe now...vocabulary level below average at the moment. Must be eating too much craBs:-Þ

Passed by a fully modified GTI, with all the subwoofer thingy which would normally sound like "dub-chi-dub-chi" (ym does it better;-) What's weird...a canto-pop kinda song was played instead of those normal techno beats or watsoever. The other weird thing...the person in the car was a malay guy!! Well, maybe he was chinese but just looked like a malay. Haha...what odds.

Okay lah...getting late. Need to pack my stuffs and get some rest. Have a great week ahead y'all!!


Anonymous said...

I MISS AH LIANG, too!!! Hehe. And all those cute ol' Penangite folks! HAHA...But nvm lar. YOu look like Ah Liang also leh. Hehehe. I wiss I could take those pictures when we were in Penang...I wish... Ish!
Haha.. Ahh, Ern Yi high de. Like you. HAha. So cute! Wish AGAIN that I was there to WITNESS this. =)

eunice said...

I look like ah liang???? "oh-mann@old man" :-Þ
come lah we go there again...then this time u bring ur camera with loads of rolls of films lah wahahahha...then erm...we stay out!! as if we so much money;-)