Thursday, May 13, 2004

...and things just seems to get better each day =)

Yeayyyyyyy!!! Just got a phone call earlier this was a young lady form the admin of UCSI...and was GOOD news. Just couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was in total shock, the lady on the other line was constantly asking me if I would accept it but my reply came rather slow. I was taking time to digest such good news=) I've gotten the full scholarship!! PRAISE GOD!! Can't seem to thank HIM enough=) The past few weeks I was kinda depressed over a few things and felt that life was just so unfair. This morning my dad said this words to me "Life is unfair but God is always FAITHFUL to us!!" How true=)

This morning my dearest best buddy whom I miss sooooo much called. I was rather shocked as well haha...was experiencing some problems on the com and she was helping me out. She actually called me all the way from australia to help me. THANKS so much buddy!!! Appreciate it LOADS!!! I'm in such gratitude towards her. Although we are miles apart, our hearts are still together. It's really a blessing to have such a good friend!! A friend in need is a friend indeed!!! Miss you loads YONG MAY!!!!

Had my first chem class today. It was at extremely burning hot moment to be walking. Could have myself for lunch as I was merely well done. Was practically brisk walking as I was kinda late but I managed to reach class just in time...soaked though:-Þ Yea I know...I stink...but it wasn't just me=) The class was rather huge...about 50 or more students. Started a lil on equilibrium. Class was kinda quiet and about every 5 minutes you'll definitely get a small teensy-weensy heart attack. Well alright maybe not all of you...just me:-Þ Just hide at one corner and when I'm walking by, you just have to come out and say "BOO!!" or "VVUUAAHH" and I'll be jumping and screaming in fear. Anyways, back to what I was saying...yea about every 5 minutes something will fall off someone's table and end up with a loud "clang" esp those with metal pencil cases. Seriously!! The lecturer was kinda annoyed but disregarded it. The lecture hall had really flimsy tables. Well not really tables but those pull out tables. This particular one was really loose and well just a slight knock or touch and the table starts "flying" away resulting in those "clangs" in class. Lecturer wasn't feeling well so she let us off early.

So off I went to the mall nearby...looking for foldable umbrellas since the weather's super duperly HOT these days. Went walking around the whole mall and couldn't find any shops that sells those foldable umbrellas. How sad...not even one shop?? Oh well maybe I over looked some places. So at almost 4 I walked back home. The sun was still shining brightly, slowly burning my skin I guess I'm red as a tomato now:-Þ Every shade I could find I'll walk slowly and speed off when there were no shades. If someone was following me behind would probably think I'm weird. Somehow when I'm walking alone I notice I tend to talk to myself. Wonder if any of you do that haha. Once when I was practising my parking, I was kinda singing or rather talking in tune? well some tune lah haha...anywayz when he came back in the car, he asked me..."how come u driving that time your lips moving wan? Talking to yourself ah? eyerrrr...why u talk to urself wan?" Goodness...he could see that from a distance? I didn't even know he was around haha:-Þ

Well more seeing him and that driving institute anymore!!! Yes yes yes...haha the routine is finally broken!! Gonna get my P license probably next week. Probably start driving every now and then when I have the opportunity. Just remembered I almost bang a passerby during my test. All the tester did was stepped on the brake more and after that asked me to drive faster! Maybe he was in desperate need to rush to the loo. But all in all...I PASSED haha...couldn't be any happier.

Lots of things happening lately. Some good, some bad...oh isn't perfect. Praise God for all that's happening. He's in control. Nothing to worry about=) So no matter what goes on...and on...and on...and on...and on...but of course with God's guidance to help us through each passing day!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello there my dearest! =) Ale here. HEhe. Yeapz, it has definitely been a great week for you. All the news I got from you this week were all goodies. Really HAPPY for you! Well, THANX be the HIm who deserves all praise lar. He rockz! Luv ya loads =)