Saturday, May 15, 2004

Home Sweet Home

Never have I missed home this much before. Just stepping into the house and the moment my feet touches the marble floor...wahhh nicee and smooooooth...cooling too!! Well my new place is not tiled. Just cemented basically I have my house slippers on. It's kinda hot throughout the day and not until the early mornings I can only feel the cool breeze. But then again...everywhere is just HOT!!! The weather these days are burning HOTTTTT!!! I'm even sweating right this moment:-Þ No need for water heaters anymore. Especially in the evening when you're already feeling so sticky and hot and thinking of a nice cool bath...but to a dissapointment...the water is as hot as boiling water...well ok a lil exxageration there...but it's really really hot. Right after a "hot-steam" bath...of course you'll then start to sweat like a mad dog all over again. Have been bathing about 5 times daily recently due to the excessive heat!!! Speaking of that...I feel like taking a bath again. Thank God I'm back home now...can blast the aircondition and confine myself to my room after a shower:-Þ *runs to shower*...nyek nyek nyek:-Þ


Anonymous said...

Ale here again! Hehe=) I've made it a point to write a comment (or rather spam) whenever I log onto your blog. Ehem, ehem... Eunice, Eunice. You didn't tell the peeps here abt what you'd do to your cemented floor yah? HAha. Well, this girl here has this 'tak syok' disease at the moment. She went on mopping her CEMENT floor 3 times straight in a row. Claims that it would be smoother after mopping it tonnes of times. True, yet rather funny trying to make the CEMENT floor smoother, faster. Haha. Get what I mean? HEhe=) "Silly girl", I quote.

eunice said...

Ssshhhhhh...oh no..."chuin po" de haha:-Þ Well I was also extremely free merr...what else can I do other than watch tv/listen to the radio/sleep?? so why not mop a few extra times? Good source of exercize also...hehe:-Þ But NO...I'm still ok..don't have ocd disease k? Just killing time:-Þ But I guess your dear friend did influence us into becoming like this...right right?? Hahaha;-)