Wednesday, May 12, 2004

At Last!!

Yeay...truly a day to be celebrating=) Yes yes...I've FINALLY passed my driving test!! Woohoo!! It's just such a relief knowing I don't have to go back to that same ol' place ANYMORE!! YES YES!! Haha...just couldn't be any happier!! The whole anxiety of waiting was the killer. But thank God I passed!!! The tester was really really nice although he was having a tough time pronouncing my name. Sounded like "you-ni-chair" haha...and he tried to pronounce again..."you-nice"...haha had some laughs before i told him how it's actually pronounced:-Þ Then he was chit-chatting with me haha!! Well, God is just so real...even the smallest thing we pray for comes true=) THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!

Came home last night for this driving test so that's why i'm able to blabber on here=) Applied for a phone line yesterday and the guy is coming to fix it tomorrow. So I'll just have to wait for my com:-Þ Anywayz, the environment in my new place is...well different!! Definitely not as cozy as home, but in time I'll just get used to it=) Hopefully my cuzzie will get used to staying away from home too...Ale if you need anything I'm here for u kayz?

Well well...mum's favourite show is on tv now. The bold & the beautiful...sigh that show doesn't seem to have an ending. It has been goin on like forever...following on the next generation and next and next and.....I guess even when I finally finish studying and start working, the show would probably still be on!! We'll see:-Þ

For the very first time I walked to coll the other day...under the bright hot burning sun. I guess Ale and I will get more tan in matter of DAYS!! Either that we'll be using bottles of sunscreen lotion...well maybe not.

These few days has just been such a blessing. Sometimes it's all just God's timing. Things may not seem to go our way but God is in total control!! We just have to keep trusting Him...knowing that He knows best!!! Just a few days ago I was called to collect the letter of acceptance for the scholarship. It is beyond doubt that the prayer of a mother is just so...hmm how should I put's just so pure and strong. Not saying that any of our prayers are not of use...just that their constant dedication to their children and huge faith in trusting God for the things that sometimes we know in reality is kinda hard to get. I really admire my mum's faith in God. She has constantly still been praying for God's miracle that I could get a full scholarship even when I was already told that I would only get partial. Tears started to flow down her cheecks when i came out of the room telling her that there's still hope. The guy just told me that he's still trying his best to push for full scholarship for me. Just before I entered the room my mum was just pouring out to God hoping for a miracle. And there it was. She kept telling me how God is so real. Never know what I would have become without her constant support and nurture in my life.

Well so to all of you, although things doesn't seem to be goin right...don't worry!! God is indeed REAL and in full control of your life. Remember God's promise in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future" declares the Lord. Aren't we all just so blessed that we have and AWESOME GOD?

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