Sunday, May 09, 2004

It's Mothers' day!!

I was up and getting ready for church. Thinking what should I wear...chose a combination I have never chosen before. Wore it and saw myself in the mirror...AAHHH...I couldn't recognize myself. Heard a knock on my door. I answered but still there were knocks on the door. Tried to get up but just couldn't. It was not long after I realized I was dreaming just now. Now I'm awake for sure. Reached church, stepped into the sanctuary, saw corsages on the ladies, wondering what's the occasion. Took me some time to comprehend that it was mothers' day. Guess my mind were filled with too many stuffs. Need more memory ram...actually I think there is enough memory space just that I don't use them well enough haha...

Today's celebration was kinda funny. As usual a few mothers came up to speak their words of wisdom...or rather God's word of wisdom dawned upon them=) Some of the stories were really touching that it brought some tears into my eyes. Some were so funny eventually tears rolled down my cheecks having a great laugh at it. Happy or sad...I shed some tears. Highlight of the day: an elderly mother probably in her laten 70s or early 80s...not really sure...however she came to share a song with us. Although it wasn't all in tune but hey...she sang with all of her heart. She said she loves to sing. In good times or bad times, she will sing unto the Lord! After singing 2 songs, the mike was passed to her to say a word or two. She was really cute...she turned to her daughter who was standing beside her and said "aiyo what to say?" then she said "aiya...I can't think of what to say...I pening kepala de". She was feeling quite dizzy so she said next time lah. Hehe...I find elderly people really cute. I mean it's like they're back to their childhood. And seeing their faith in the Lord still strong right til this day...really adorable=) I miss my granny soooo much. Can't wait to see her and talk to her again=) Feel like giving her a big hug right now!! It's amazing that although they've aged yet their perserverance and determination in life...really encourages me!!!Cheers to all the elderly people in this world=)

Hmmm...since it's mothers' day today...I'd take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all mothers, well especially my very own dearest MUMMY!!!!!!! Mothers play an important role in a child's life. There's just so much to talk about mothers. Probably will talk about mothers one of these days=) Gotta run now...more packings and shiftings to do=) Have a great week people!!!!!

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