Wednesday, June 30, 2004

dum dee dee doo dum dum

Calculus midterm's OVER!!!! YEAY! However bio's next week. So it's not all over yet. Besides, after mid terms...FINALS. Scaryyyy. Feels like it was only yesterday...or rather a few weeks back that I just started this course. And now...finals is already approaching. Ggaahhhh!!

Heard from mum yesterday that bro's not coming home this july. He'll only be able to make it in september. That also for just a week or so. SIGH!!!!! Oh well, better than not seeing him at all. Looks like I'll have to wait for september now. That's almost like 3 months later. This time I really want time to FLY even faster. But then again, that will also mean that dad'll be leaving SOONER. I don't want him to leave so soon...yet I can't wait for my bro to come back. When dad goes to US our family will be all apart. Thankfully mum isn't goin at the same time dad is. She'll only probably go after about a month or so to settle some other stuffs here. Oh but since koko'll be back in sept, mum might only go later. YEAY!! Hmmm... but when mum goes then I'll be all alone here in Malaysia. No KOKO!!!! JUST ME!! Thank God HE's everywhere and that I still have lovely relatives around...mainly ALETHEIA!!!!

Things seem to get better. NOw that UCSI's shifting to Connaught for sure, I'll be able to stay with Ale now! YEAYYYY!!!! What we all planned earlier is coming true. YEAYYY!!! No more *ting*s and all those chants and nightly-"serenading" ppl!! Seems like the place where they hang out to play and sing is a place where ppl like to sit and hang out. If it isn't for the faithful duo who never fails to sing and play EVERY night, there'll be ppl just sitting and talking or laughing. Wonder what's the "main" attraction there. Seems like a plain huge block of concrete near a drain or something to me.

This morning I met my neighbour when I was locking the door. So I greeted her with a smile and got one in return. Then she started talking to me. Funny what she asked though.
"Kamu tinggal di dalam ke?"
Like...(duh)...then where did I come out from?
"Oh Oklah kan? Sini tak da apa-apa punya. Selamat. Tak payah risau"
*remembered that she's said that quite a lot*
*thinks* Wait...she always say that when I see her.
So I just nodded my head in agreement and kept on smiling.
Was about to go. Didn't wanna miss the chance of getting a seat in the bus. But somehow, the bus was ALREADY there. AGAIN. I did manage to get one though...I got a seat! on a WEDNESDAY!! (haha...silly me)Anwyayz back to where I was earlier. She then continued to talk more.
"Oh ya, satu lagi perkara. Malam-malam kan, jangan..."
(Oh no...was the tv THAT loud?)
"Jangan kunci pintu lah"
(??? what?????? who in their right mind would tell someone not to lock their door??)
"Eh, bukan...bukan...malam-malam tak payah kunci dengan mangga semua tu lah"
She was speaking rather fast though. In fact she always speaks very fast. So that was what I think she said lah. Then she continues explaining...
"Malam-malam kunci itu pintu grill dah cukup lah. Sini tak payah risau punya. Makcik takut nanti kebakaran ke apa apa ke...nanti tak sempat nak keluar lah. Kunci pun letak dekat ngan pintu lah. Takut nanti apa-apa ke."
The way she was telling was really kinda funny. The way how she spoke so fast and all...all I could do was nod my head and continue smiling. Funny everytime I see her, she'll tell me stuffs like this. Then she'll always repeat this phrase.
"Jangan takut lah. Ada apa apa panggil makcik saje k? Makcik dekat sini saje. Sini oklah. Tak payah risau."
The more she tells me that. The more I kinda freak out. Haha...I guess she's just overly concern that I'm staying alone. How thoughtful of her. But sometimes she scares me. In some ways...I don't know how to explain though.

Oh well, I'll be moving out soon. So won't have to worry bout those stuffs anyway.

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