Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The sun is back!!! The sky is crystal clear...well not exactly, but it's a WHOLE lot clearer. the HAZE IS GONE!!! It's really kinda nice but now, even in the mornings...the sun is REALLY HOT!! when the haze was around, the afternoons were gloomy and I could just walk without drenching in sweat due to the hotttt sun. But all is good. Now my clothes can dry for sure=)

Haven't heard any news from dear brother yet. Wonder if he'll be able to come back this summer. SIGH!!!! The travel agent HAD to make some mistakes with the pricing. According to him it's a thousand canadian dollar more. Which would total up to bout ten thousand ringgit...just to come home?? Arrghhh...if only we had the means. Then ten thousand would rather seem like probably a thousand maybe? Sighh. Hope somehow God will provide him a way to come home. Some special rate or something. Or maybe get us tickets to go visit him. Haha!! Ok that was a lil too much.

There's this song stucked in my head right now. It's that "Young man..." according to the YMCA tune. Which is played quite frequently on television even to a point my mum memorized the lyrics!! It was in her head tooo!!! Thanks to the malaysian idol goin on right now. Suddenly everyone wants to be a STAR.
Young man, what are you doing here?
I say young man, you have no business here.
I say young man, you cannot parking here.
No way don't start your car right now!!
You need to get a visitor pass!
Visitor pass...yea!
You can park anywhere, go wherever you want, no one clamping your car!!
Visitor pass

Haha...and the purposely sang it out of tune. And my mum kinda remembered the out of tune melody. Haha...it was kinda cute when she sang hahaha!

Anywayz, today was yet another beginning of another week. Calculus was the same. Funny the lecturer's not really sure what's she's teaching us. Bet if we stole all her notes she couldn't teach us anymore!! No classes tomorrow. YEAY!!! But exam's on wed. And for the next two weeks, there are exams once each week. OooooOOoo...and labs are OVER!! Haha...YEAY! But that means a whole lot of reports to do. But oh well, what's studying like if there were none of the above?

Missing dearest brother now. Missing him more than ever actually. Especially after knowing that he might not be able to come back now...sob...sob...sob...

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