Thursday, July 01, 2004


Just took a nice cool bath. Water was REALLY cold. The wind from the small opening of the window made it worse. Was practically almost freezing in the shower. I think the bubbly foam of the shampoo almost harden but well okay it wasn’t THAT cold…but it still IS. It rained quite a lot today. Thus the cold weather. But after the icy-cold bath, the nice cool breeze and fresh air…was just…simply AMAZING. Kinda reminds me of the highlands. Wished everyday was like that. But oh well, the sun’s not all that bad. It’s really nice. The magnificent view of the sunrise or sunset is just awesome. How beautiful the earth is carefully sculptured by God. Earth itself is such a wonderful place. What more the heavens? Hmm…how did I get there? From a nice cool bath to the wonderful creations of God?

Anyways, today’s a great day. I’m kinda supposed to study for my bio midterms next week though. But the itch of my fingers and my lazy bum and eyes glued to the computer screen…it’s no wonder I’m here AGAIN. In fact I was practically in the com lab bout 4 whole hours earlier this afternoon. And here I am again? Geez, what a geek!! I just can’t imagine myself in those thick “dictionary-like” glasses with a dopey look. I’ll probably freak myself out in the mirror shattering it into bits and pieces. Goodness, what am I blabbering about now? Oh yea…about today.

Let’s see. After class I had lunch with my dearest cuzzie. It’s funny how we never manage to decide on what and where to eat. There MUST be a REMEDY...somehow. This reminds me of that song “the remedy” by Jason Mraz. Speaking of which, one of his songs “sleep all day”…Haha…

Goodness, I’ve been side-tracking like a schizophrenic patient. Is that the right term for a person with spilt personality? Or whatever it’s called. But I guess I’m not even close to it. It’s probably just some severe random crap. This is what usually happens when I think of too many things at the same time and at the same time try to express it all. Sigh I don’t even remember now what I wanted to say previously. Arrgghhh it’s really annoying trying to figure out what you’ve been trying to say and not being able to get it. Not getting even the slightest idea about it – that’s even more annoying. You think and you think again and again and yet never seem to recall it. It used to happen to me a lot last time. It happens too many a times that I actually gave up trying to re-think what I wanted to say cos it never comes. Speaking of the annoyance, I’m still wondering about something. Have been thinking about it for weeks I guess whenever the matter “pops-up” in my head. Sometimes some of the things you try so hard to just not be bothered, but it just doesn’t work and probably eats you up in the end.

Haha…I started this blog thinking of writing some stuffs about “today” but end up not talking about it at all. Well just this thing that happened that I didn’t wanna forget.
“por por por por por…too too too too too”
(it’s actually supposed to be the sounds a person imitating the sound of a trumpet and a flute)
The way it was sung, I find it tooooo adorable that I couldn’t resist writing it in here. Cos I never would wanna forget about it.
Just for memory purposes: Sounds of trumpets or flutes ‘blasting’ in the background of slow worship song.

All in all, today was an enjoyable day. (though I haven’t even begin talking bout the day!)

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