Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I’m sleepy, moody and in a state of fiery scorching furnace. I seriously need an outlet before I blow up every single bit of morality in me and there ain’t any exaggeration in that. I need some breathing space…at this point…screaming wouldn’t even be of much help. What should I do when there is no one around me who I can turn to? Of course there’s always God but it kinda takes a whole lot of patience and understanding beyond comprehension to digest the supernatural matters. What more when you’re raging in anger and blinded by the bitterness of your heart and soul and mind.

Obviously something must have happened consciously or subconsciously to trigger the whole wrath. Things like that don’t usually happen for any apparent reason. Well unless the state of mind is distorted or in other words just plain crazy…cuckoo…insane… or whatever you wanna call it. It usually takes someone or some incident to set it of.

However, our faith leads us to believing that things happen for a reason and that God is in control of all situations no matter how ghastly it may seem. It’s always easy to say that and tell ourselves that over and over again. But at that point…do we actually stop and think of that? It does seem so easy to tell it to ourselves but how MUCH of it do we really digest into our understanding or rather just believe? The first thing that comes to our minds is always the ‘WHY’s! Why is it that things don’t seem right? Why is it that it has to happen to me? Why is it that we cannot comprehend what’s happening at the moment? Why is it that need to know WHY? Why is it that we just can’t live out of simple faith and end up constantly questioning? Why is it that we NEED to just simply know WHY? Is it in us to be constantly bombarded with the urge to KNOW WHY???


Ale said...

I know WHY? Because you're annoyed by the *ting* is it? HAHA. Just thought of it. Aww. Don't blow up so soon kay? If you need anyone to talk to you can talk to me. (YOu know that!) =)

hubrisbiscuits said...

Hello there,

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eunice said...

thanks ale=)
yea i know u'll be there whenever i need someone.
p/s-giving u my frustrations and complains kinda really works hoh?? hahahah i can't thank u enoughhhhhh