Thursday, June 17, 2004


Well, obviously I do not have the ultimate answer to those questions running through my head. Yet, all I can do is to keep trusting and believing that God is the true One and the only ONE who knows what’s best for us. Things DON’T always go our way. We usually think that the path we’re taking now might be the perfect one and while walking down the long road only to notice that things don’t end up the way we think it would. Why?

Well nothing is perfect and although God is in control, He still allows some of these things to happen in our life mainly to make us stronger in our faith. God doesn’t purposely place calamities in our lives but He allows it to happen and of course God will never allow something to happen out of our capabilities to handle. All in all, He knows best. He wouldn’t take something good away from you cause He has some greater instored for you. Don’t dwell in what’s wrong in life or what’s not that of which we expected in life but rather, count those blessings that we have gained. No matter how awful and dreadful life may be, look back and start re-living the blessings in life. Thing’s aren’t just that bad. It’s not living in denial or putting aside whatever we don’t want. It’s just that instead of inhabiting our troubles and sorrows, we trade it for the betterment of life. You’ll start to feel better (well at least for me) when u start to do that.

Jazz is really relaxing. It kinda sets the mood too. Listening to some smooth ones now. What a relief. oooOOooo but Oscar Peterson’s one crazy guy. Try listening to nigerian marketplace. The way his fingers move along the keys…all I can say is “woah”…miraculously astounding. My eyes would POP out and jaw drop straight onto the floor if I can see him perform or anyone equally as good. Aahh…such excitement!


Ale said...

Eunice Eunice. Hehe. Your blog today seems to be the answer for yesterday's blog. Weird. You're answering your own WHYs. HAha=)

eunice said...

hahaha...but i'm still wondering bout lots of 'other' stuffs though!!