Monday, June 14, 2004

Yet another brand new week. Hmmm, feels as though I just said that like a few days ago. Time really FLIES...but not fast enough to make me scream "koko's coming home TODAY!!!"

Anywayz...was kinda late for class this morning. But as usual, I didn't miss much. Lect's best in wasting time and all. Oh yea...there's this new guy in my class. Kinda pitty him though...bout hundreds of eyeballs starring at him at once as he enters the classroom feeling so blur and out of place. Well maybe cos he kinda looks like...Mr. Bean. Serious. But the all blur and smarter looking kinda versino of Mr. Bean though. Hhmm blur and smart just doesn't go right?

Right after calc...had to rush back to the old campus: known as segar - rather pronounced as SEgar (as in seh-gar) than Segar (as in se-gar) due to the excessive number of chinese speaking people. No offense though. But anyways, we kinda squeezed 7 of us (including the driver) into a car (thank God it wasn't a kancil) and off we went back to SEgar campus. I was sitting right in the middle of the back seat ie. 2 to my right and 2 to my left. The whole situation kinda reminds me of the time 7 crazy fellas (including me) cramped in a car from banting back to seremban. The journey wouldn't be so bad if someone didn't had itchy fingers, poking ppl here and there. That's not just all to it. The suspension of the car was kinda...well it was an old car. So we (the passengers at the back) were kinda like bouncing up and down stimultaneous throughout the whole journey in addition to the extra annoyance of ppl poking and tickling you. But all in was FUN and a memorable erm thingy.

Over the weekend I've been consuming tons of junk like ice-creams, chocolates, potato and corn chips, groundnuts, and a whole lot more of other junks. Practically was eating like a buffalo the whole weekend. Look at all the amount of fats and carbohydrate consumed in matters of days. Better be buring those excesses off before it becomes apart of me. Probably mop the whole house later. Haha...hey mopping un-smooth cemented floor kinda takes quite alot of energy especially when done a couple of times hahaha.

Speaking of which, I'm kinda hungry now. Kinda craving for JAMBU!!! Sadly no one sells nice jambu here. It's already kinda hard to locate those fruit sellers...what more a wonderful treat of nice crunchy jambus.

P/s - Hey Ale, we SHOULD kinda go on with our "PLAN". Hahahahahaha:-Þ


Ale said...

HAhaha. Eh, out of 5 ppl at the back seat, YOU SAT IN THE MIDDLE AGAIN? =) YOu remembered me of that funny incident lar. In the car travelling from banting to seremban wan. You were the one bouncing up and down so much lar. WE(those at the back) were just watching you *boink* Hehe. Tickling you was just plain FUN, man! AHAhaha.

p/s: Eh, WHICH plan? Hehe

eunice said...

BUS....jambu...PENANG hahaha...