Thursday, June 24, 2004


Tried waking up earlier today. Somehow I never get to be early on Wednesdays. The bus seems to come earlier and earlier every Wednesday…wonder why. Each time I make an effort to wake up earlier, I end up in the same outcome…no I didn’t miss the bus…just no place to seat. Don’t like it when we have to stand…especially when it’s really cramp like sardines in an oily tin. Wanted to make an extra effort this morning after the ride on the bus on Monday. The driver must either be new or just horrible at driving. The whole ride was unforgettable. My friends and I who were standing were merely moving back and forth due to the constant jerks. Our hands were almost breaking hanging on to the pathetic handles connected to some shaky chairs. So far I never got a seat on Wednesdays. Still wondering why. Today was exceptionally horrible. There was a horrible stench in the bus. Smelts like poo. Did I step on some dog or cat poo? I was walking so fast this morning I wasn’t on a look out for those, unlike the usual normal-paced walks I usually take where I’m very careful at where I’m walking as I spotted many times…poos around. The smell was getting stronger and stronger…where was it coming from? People beside me were too engrossed in their latest gossips and all (yea I was listening to some of it…haha) they weren’t bothered by the stench. Thank God the whole journey wasn’t that long. Didn’t wanna try looking at my sole to see if I stepped on those smelly yucky gooey animal poo cos I don’t wanna lose balance and fall. What more if I actually did step on those animal poos and fall on them? Didn’t wanna take the chance. So I only checked when I reached campus. NOPE it wasn’t me. But the smell was kinda stuck in my nose…I kept smelling it. Even asked ale if she could smell anything when I met her. But nopes…no animal poo smell. *still wondering where that smell came from*

Anyways, the day was great. Spend most of the day with dear cuzzie again. It’s like a normal Wednesday routine. Haha. Went to the pasar malam (the one that sells that chow tofu)…Hmmm what’s with today and smell?? It’s really fun going to the pasar malam with me cuzzies. Especially when Isaac wants to buy something. He does weird actions when ordering what he wants…either that he’d speak really softly so much so the laksa lady thought he had sore throat cos he spoke so soft. And the way he points or do his sign language to order stuffs…it’s really funny. No offense to him though…but it’s kinda cute and really funny :-Þ And so yea…there I am again…in their house eating the stuffs we bought from pasar malam. But the additional thing today was…Isaac cooked!!! Hehe…mash potatoes. It’s really nice. He’s own secret recipe…home made mash potatoes. MmmMmmm….yummy!!

Was walking back quite late in the evening on Tuesday, well not exactly late…but I’ve never walked home so late before. It was about 6pm I started walking from campus. Was kinda brisk walking til a point there were LOUD honks from some red car. Never bothered to look into the car and started walking even faster. After a while…I heard that same LOUD honk again. It’s that same red car again. What…??? The honk was really loud and kinda annoying…so okay…I turned and looked to see what’s happening or rather..who’s the fellow honking!! Being short sighted…I was kinda squinting my eyes to have a clearer look at who the person was. The blurry features looked kinda familiar. It was a recognizable face in my memory’s ram!! A friend of mine...duh-obviously rite? And so he offered a ride. (YEAY no need to walk home hehe) Then this was where it begin…me still recovering from my state of shockness, while he bombarded me with questions. Those casual how’re you things…how’s classes and all kinda thing. So we were chit-chatting when he suddenly told me
“This guy’s a Malaysian you know”
Looking outside the window at a guy walking by the roadside…who seems purely Malaysian to me. Wondering why he had to point out to me. And so he noticed me looking outside…
“No…no…not that guy…the guy singing…(on his cassette player…which I wasn’t really listening [tee-hee])”.
Ooooohhhh… “ I thought you were referring to that guy…”
“Who? What? That guy?? I don’t even know him!!”
Hehe…and so I continued to ask…
“From where?” (and I remember pointing to the cassette player…wondering like where in msia is the guy from)
“From where?” ( I kinda repeated it a couple of times)
“Oohh…erm…I was with a bunch of my other friends…just meeting up with them about something…”
And there you go…a conversation of two people sitting together in a car but in totally different worlds. But it’s kinda normal right? A total different wavelength…Thinking back at it…it’s really kinda funny. Well at least at that moment.

Well it’s kinda getting late. I better get back to some studying. Test tomorrow!! And I’m still here blogging? Well taking a lil “break” haha.


Ale said...'re killing me!

Anonymous said...

hahaha....y??? y????

Ale said...

AHAHHAHAHA...cause you're sooooooo funny lar.....AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA....=)