Sunday, June 27, 2004


Came home yesterday to find out some rather depressing news. Seems like something's came up...some trouble between the travel agent and the flight fares and all. Dearest brother's having trouble coming home now. Boo hoo hoo...*sobs*. So much for looking forward to the first week of July. Now it's even uncertain if he'll come back this summer. This is so dissapointing. Especially when thinking he was coming home SOOOOOO SOOOOON...but now??? Sigh. Oh well, hopefully those things can be settled much earlier and that he'll still be back this summer. Sighh...was really lookig forward to seeing him. I really am MISSING him loads. Sometimes I even shed a tear thinking of the fun times we had...even the thought that I have a brother...who can sometimes get on my nerves...but life without him doesn't seem as complete as it used to be.

Anywayz, today...a pastor from thailand came. He's staying with us right now. He's actually the pastor who arranged for us the mission trip thingy last time. He's kinda funny lah. I mean not that what he says is funny...but what i really mean to say is that...him being him...quiet and kinda funny. Really, I don't know exactly how to explain...but he's really funny. My mum and I would tease my dad saying that the way he treats him is as though he's his lil brother. He's actually around his 50s but he's gone through aLOT. Kinda sad listening to some of his stories. And he speaks really really soft. As in really REALLY soft and slow. And he always seems to be in a daze. Claims that he's in deep thoughts though.

I really really hope my bro can come back. I really wanna see him. If only getting a plane ticket was as easy as getting a movie ticket. Sigh. Wish I could just blink my eyes three times and make a wish and he'd be here. Haha...the things we can learn from movies. I MISS MY KOKO!!!!!!

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Ale said...

Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... So kesian lar.
I wanna see your KOKO, too. *sigh*
Hehe. Will be praying that he'll come back soon. =)