Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Many things are happening in this world as i'm sitting in front of this com blogging. So many things that are beyond our control happening. Even as you read this, God knows what else is happening thoughout the world. Deaths, births, parties, funerals, accidents, war, exictements, good news, bad news, share markets rising and falling, ppl making and losing money, corruptions, more ppl getting saved, gospel spreading, prosecutions...and a whole lot more of other stuffs. It's kinda scary come to think of it.

Well...it's yet another new beginning of the week. It's getting very hazy these days. This morning I woke up to walk to coll...everything was kinda blurry...thought my eyesight's getting worse...but then the air kinda smells...so eyesight still a-okay. *phew*

Loads of things piling up. Assignments due early july, tests and midterms...now til july, 10 lab reports due by 12th july, 1 report due every friday...so it's busy busy busy till after finals...which is aug. Can't wait for july to come yet don't want it to come so soon. Guess can't be spending that much time with my koko also. But I guess he'll be rather busy catching up with his friends too. Oh well, at least I get to see him!!!!! Don't want august to come. But that's when hols are...very lovely and dearest ppl are leaving in aug...sobs.

Was waiting to see the head of my program with a group of friends and while waiting spotted some lect in the teachers room email-ing someone. Could see from her expression that it was to someone special. She was smiling and looking around if ppl were looking at her screen. Well we were practically behind her...so we could obviously see her screen. And I saw her typing..."Dear honey..." then she erases the honey...looks around and types some name which i forgotten...then looks around again...then smiles and laughs...hahaha...then she decided to reply the mail later. Browsed some other sites...still looking around waiting for all of us to "go away" haha...Yea...and I was looking at the screen all the while...hehehe=)

Ooo...getting late now...better hurry home before dark. Hope it's not rainning. *poooof* - dissapears.

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