Monday, June 14, 2004


The weekend's over. Thus a begining of a brand new week. It's about 3 weeks (hopefully shorter) before brother gets home. Arrrghh...the anticipation of's killing me!!!

Sometimes I just don't understand people. How can some be sooo arrogant that while speaking to them you can actually sense the overwhelming arrogance in speech or even by the way they present themselves to their "listeners". The way they just find pleasure in intimidating others and acting up as some big shot in which everyone must conform to their beliefs or whatsoever and if not will be pleaded as shallow or just plain stupid. Don't we all have our own freedom to our own opinions? It's not wrong to give advices based on your life experience about something...but you don't have to give it in your mono-scopic mind that what happened to you will be the exact thing happening to us? And the way you "bestow" it...why? Why? Why?

I guess the it's somewhat true..."I love humanity...but it's the people that I can't stand" - Charlie Brown

Well, if it wasn't for those people, how would we discern the word humility...

Oh well...anywayz, day was great. Worship was great (although a lil annoyed by the songleader). Word was great. All was great!

Looking forward to a fruitful week ahead!! All the best to those of you having exams and to the rest...have a great week. God bless!!


Ale said...
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Ale said...

Over and over and over and over again.. =0)

Huiyoh, Why you feeling like that all of a sudden? You bengang with someone is it? Hehe.

Can't wait for koko Jireh to come back either. Wanna see his head. HAha. Must hug him kayz? =)

eunice said...

yea kinda bengang with some certain ppl...but then again...someone might be feeling that same way towards me as well. everyone gets on everyone's nerves. life's a way.
but then again...not everyone has to get met at everyone. arrghh...just forget that.

haha... I wonder how's his head like now toooo hahaha:-Þ

eunice said...

MADDDDDD...not met

Ale said...

Hahaha...Got 'met' at someone?

Eh, suddenly only say you want to see how his head is like...I thought who's head (The person you're 'met' with)! HAha.
Next time, when you change topic de. Let me know kay? =)

eunice said...

I'll try to remember to remind myself to remind you that:-Þ