Tuesday, July 13, 2004


It’s been rainning, thus the icy-coldness I feel each time I take a bath. This will be my last month in this place where I’ve been staying for about 3 months…including this month. This place sure has some sort of memories. The first day alone here was boring, scary and lonely. Apart from hearing those chants (which I haven’t heard for the past few weeks!! Wow, the power of prayer), it was really hot (esp since I’ve been sleeping with air-con for sooo many years now…) the fan alone doesn’t to make it any better. But when it kinda got cooler, bathing is like a sport. Jumping up and down, shivering in that icy cold bath. Then the nights where this group of people would serenade (there’s this one guy who sings exceptionally different – more like saying prayers) with the guitar always in the key of G, and of course the dread of walking to coll everyday – under the bright scorching sun as well as in the rain. I’d come home drenched – either in sweat or rain. But it wasn’t all that bad. I kinda like the place after a few weeks. In fact I’m kinda gonna miss this place kinda lil…alright, I’m gonna miss this place. Guess I kinda adapted to this place.

Apart from the dreadful memories, there were good times as well. Here alone was the time I actually got closer to God, communicating to Him each and every moment I was awake. Being here brought me to loads of thinking about tons of stuffs which also then taught me things I never thought I’d learn. I could listen to God more clearly as I spent more time communing with Him. This is the ONE thing I’m glad achieving in my short spend of time here. Then there were some nights where Ale would call and we’d go out for dinner or even some occasional nights where I’d cook and they’d come over. Their company was truly imperative, not like the days alone watching paint dry. Not forgetting the horror I’ve brought to them not once but twice – the lock which got stucked til we had to call the locksmith to literally “break in” (we should have done that ourselves) and the second time I locked ourselves out.

I’ll be moving to Ale’s probably next month (something I’ve been looking forward to). We can finally stay together like how we had planned even before starting our studies here. Definitely something I’m excited about!!

I really should be happy but ironically I’m getting into the gloomy mood now that I’m listening to the soundtrack of the road to perdition. Oh well, time to watch Gilmore girls!!! *runs to the tv* - which is actually just next to me:-Þ

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Ale said...

Awww....a farewell to your Cheras house *sniff sniff*

Hehe. So funny lar you. You ran to the TV which was already next to you then you came back to say " which is actually just next to me:-Þ" ???!!Hahahaha. Aiyo like that run there for what???