Friday, July 09, 2004

What’s up??

Let’s see. I’ve been out almost the whole day for the past two days. Since my bio midterms were postponed to next Friday, I wasn’t so worried about it…well yet! Yea, so since it was postponed, my cuzzie and I took the opportunity to make ourselves free on wed to watch SPIDERMAN 2. I’ve always wanted to watch it ever since it came out but didn’t have the chance to. At first ale didn’t really wanna watch spidey. She never had the likings for these kinda movies. Not the Mr.Hero-Man kinda movie. Anyways, but suddenly she had the urge to watch it as soon as possible as well. It was something about the moon being full or something (haha). Yea, so we watched it on wed. It was really kinda funny (well what’s not funny to us anyway). But it really was!!! The train scene was…funnily weird. And towards the end when he was about to save mary jane…how he suddenly like ‘pops’ out from somewhere. It was indeed a great show. I believe that it’s with the person we watch with that makes it more fun and memorable. (sigh, I’m still wondering who I’d watch spidey 1 with). In fact I enjoy each movie I watched with my dearest cuzzie.

Oh yea, on wed morning, I totally forgot about getting ready earlier. For some reason, the bus seems to be real pack at that time slot – 9:30. That morning was exceptionally packed. The only space you have was the area where you stand. Not even a centimeter radius extra around you. Unfortunately, there was this girl in front of me with extremely long and curly hair. It was already stuffy, sweaty and stinky and her hair had to be right there in my face. Well of course I turned away but it was still kinda bothering me the whole journey at it was like touching my hands and all. Talking about long curly hair…reminds me of ale’s calc teacher. I wonder how he could stand his hair. Not only is it long (even longer than ale’s) and curly, he actually ‘hides’ it – tugging it into his shirt.

Yeay!!! Chem assignment is finally completed and handed up already!! YEAY YEAY YEAY. Next are the 10 lab reports due on Monday. But I’m only doing 4 of it and the rest by my group mates. And I’ve fully completed 2. Just gotta write introductions and a lil stuff here and there, and I’m done. Today…today…what happened ah? Oh yea…followed ale to some fashion show. Haha…it was fun. We were commenting more on the models rather than the fashion. There was this model that can’t walk properly. She had legs as heavy as a dinosaur. She was stomping her way through. And there was this other one who walks so fast as though she was in a marathon or something. But then…there’s this ONE who just simply reminds me of someone!!! Her lips and the way she smiled, were exactly (seBIJI) like a friend’s. If weren’t be that bad if that friend was a girl, but that friend’s a GUY!! Somehow someway they kinda look alike.

I’ve been having loads of fun. Better be getting back to focusing on what’s more important now. As easy as it is to say, hopefully it’s equally somewhat easy to keep to my words. *yawns* Getting sleepy already. Off to bed. *disappears*


Ale said...

D D D D Spiderman Spiderman. Does whatever a spider can.
Spins a web, any size. Catches thieves, just like flies.

Ey? Looks seBIJI like your friend? FRIEND? Not 'brother' ar? LOl...ahahhahahhahahaha=)

eunice said...

hahaha..that song stucked in your head issit???

haha ok "brother!!" haha...
really alike eh?? hahahahahahahaha....the next time i see him...aiyo...i'll be reminded of that model like forever!!!!