Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Oh, what a day!!

We were notified that this week onwards, shuttle bus rides would be free for all applied science students from old campus to the new one. I have not a single coupon, thinking I won’t have to get anymore of it, hopped into the bus looking straight ahead for a place to sit. Before I could, the bus driver stopped me and asked for the coupon. Yikes, we still need them? But I thought it was all taken care of?? Hhhmmm…feeling all lost, I turned walking towards my way out just before the bus driver stopped me again. It was nice of him, saying that it’s alright for now, just hop back in and get it when we reach. Yea at least I don’t have to walk into campus to buy coupons and come back probably with not a seat anymore. Anyways, before I sat (right at the front…just behind the bus driver’s seat) some guy offered a coupon. Aww, how sweet of him. He says it’s kinda hard to get coupons now. Says that sometimes the receptionist is not at her desk and therefore hard to get them. Oh well, thanks anyway for this kind soul. Hehe…well so of course I paid him for it.

I’ll be taking the bus EVERYDAY now, since all of our classes are in Connaught now. Nothing’s left in Segar. Only some lecturer’s offices and labs I guess. Well, it’s actually a good thing…in a way now that classes are over at Connaught now. If only we were notified MUCH earlier about their plans to abandon the old one. But anyways, I’m surely looking forward to moving into my dear cuzzie’s place. YEAY!!!

Well the day din just end there, after class my friends and I stayed back, wanting to finish up our lab reports and assignment. So we went for lunch. The nearest place was “on the run”, a café like eating place in the petrol station. Both my friends ate donuts. The donuts there are really HUGE!! I’ve never seen a donut as huge as that my entire life. It’s almost like the size of 2 Dunkin donuts combined to the huge donut ring. Kinda even bigger than my friend’s face!!! Well anyway, so after lunch we head back to the library. The books we needed to refer weren’t there (probably still in those boxes). Well okay, since the references we needed weren’t available, we thought at least we could use the computer to source for some stuffs. To our horror, it was FULLY occupied. (UCSI should really get more computers). Not only was it full, there were lots of people standing around waiting for people to log off. Definitely not a chance getting the com. Not at least for an hour or so. Saw the time and DARN…just missed the bus. Had to wait like a whole hour, with nothing else to do and no where to go.

An hour later, we got into the bus. Sky was getting darker. Obviously a sign of rain – not the slight pitter patter kind, but the heavy down pour kind. Was hoping the rain would hold at least till we reach back home, but no, as soon as we got on the bus it started to rain. In fact it rained heavier and heavier. But as we reached Segar, the rain somehow wasn’t as heavy so I decided to walk home before it gets heavier again. Didn’t wanna wait thinking it would just get heavier and don’t know when it’ll ever stop. As I was walking, yea…it was getting heavier alright. Half my journey and I’m wet from knees to feet. Reached home soaked and cold. Couldn’t wait to get out of the wet clothes. After changing into something dry and cozy, went hunting for something to eat. Just as I sat down eating and drinking a cup of hot drink, the rain STOPPED. If only I knew earlier. Not only did it stop, the SUN came out. Oh what a day!! It’s been really cold these days and I do not have a water heater. Yea, so I took a cool bath AGAIN. Boo hoo hoo. Thank God I’m still strong and healthy. Didn’t catch a cold at all.

Just got a reply from my dear buddy. Haven’t heard from her for quite a while now. She’s having a great time in Sydney now. With her darling of course. He flew all the way down on her birthday!! How sweet is that? Those days of not communicating with her at all, kinda got me thinking. Would this be what it seems 10 years down the road when she gets married and live a married life and all? Would we ever still be talking and spending time like always? Well I guess not as much especially when you’ve started a family and all. But oh well, we should at least keep the talking part goin for always. Sigh, I really miss her!!

Haven’t heard any latest news about my dear brother. Heard that he can actually renew his passport in Canada itself. Someone we know once did it. Oh nooooo. Does that mean he won’t come home at all?? Not even for a week?? Sighh…

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Anonymous said...

hey yong may here...don't worry la...i won't forget my best friend even if i'm married in the future! haha.... sorry for not replying...quite busy during the holidays...hope to talk to u soon! bye!